A selection of coordinated knitting project bags and cases have been specially designed for The Mindful Collection. Ranging in size and shape, there is an attractive project bag and storage case for just about any size project. From large knitting tote bags to knitting handbags, you will find something that suits your mindful knitting needs.

  • The Mindful Tote Bag
  • The Mindful Tote Bag Combining beauty and function, this large bag has been designed to hold bigger projects and tools.
  • The Twin Circular Bags (set of two)
  • The Mindful Twin Circular Bags (set of two)
  • The Twin Circular Bag Twin circular bags - one large, one small - complement the Mindful Collection theme in both color and design.
  • The Mindful Project Bag
  • The Mindful Project Bag Perfectly sized for smaller projects and needles.


Complementing the needle collection and useful for all manner of knitting needs, explore our color-coordinated knitting accessories to serve you and your projects.

Sterling Silver Plated Metal Needle Gauge, Sterling Silver Plated Chakra Stitch Markers, The Mindful Markers - Mega Pack of 100, The Teal Retractable Tape Measure, Teal Wooden Darning Needles in Beech Wood Container, Rainbow Folding Scissors, The Mindful Blocking Mats, The Teal Row Counter, The Mindful Knit Blockers, The Mindful Row Counter Ring, Fixed Teal Smart Interchangeable Cords,  Swivel Teal Smart Interchangeable Cords