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How to Benefits from your Needle Sets?

Knitting has proven to be a creative outlet with therapeutic benefits for people of all ages and backgrounds. The craft is not only good for your body but particularly for the neurons in your brain. A neurological study from 2009 found that knitting stimulates the brain while it also can reduce the chance of developing mild cognitive impairment for any senior.

How comfortably you can knit however depends on the project you are planning to craft. Selecting yarn and planning a pattern is already a hugely pleasurable and mindful activity.

Our designers have created Mindful needle sets for every project imaginable, each coming with an inspirational mantra. So which of our needle sets are best suited for your chosen project? Let us walk you through our sets of our Mindful knitting needles and show you the benefits of each type.

Benefits of Mindful Knitting Needles Set

  1. Fixed Circular Needle Sets

    Knitting on circular needles benefits a relaxing posture and body position. With simple stitches and a repetitive pattern, you can zone out while working on your project and enter a state of happy bliss.

    1. The Serenity Needle Set

      The Serenity Needle Set

      A joy for all fans of the “Magic Loop'' technique, the Serenity set offers 40” long, fixed circular needles arranged in a cute, circular case. Inside you find eight needles, US sizes 1 - 8 (2.25 mm to 5 mm) which are nicely arranged in their needle pockets and labeled by size for fast identification. All the cables are marked at one inch intervals enabling you to quickly measure your progress without having to put down your work.

      In addition, this set comes with a triangular-shaped accessory bag including a needle gauge, darning needles and an array of 30 open, half open and closed stitch markers, all colored in serene teal and turquoise shades.

      The Serenity set is best suited for all knitters who like to knit in the round, either using the magic loop method or knitting larger circular items such as sweaters.

    2. The Mindful Explore Set

      The Mindful  Explore Set

      Many knitters have asked us for a complete set of short circular needles for smaller tubular items. So here it is. Our Mindful Explore Set offers eight different needles with a 10” length which is so practical for mittens and gloves, children’s hats or socks. The accessory bag includes foldable scissors, darning needles, a needle gauge and 50 stitch markers.

  2. Interchangeable Circular Needle Sets

    Whereas needle sizes and cable length of fixed circular needles are already determined, interchangeable knitting needles allow you to opt for any desired needle size and cable length as required for your pattern. Organizing your needles and cables is so much easier, and you have all your tools always in order and at hand. If you need the needle tips for a new project, you can just take them off and add stoppers to the cable ends to secure your stitches. The cable connector even allows for putting two cables together, thus creating a longer one, if need be.

    1. The Mindful Gratitude Set

      The Mindful Gratitude Set

      Our Gratitude set opens up a cosmic range of possible patterns. Being the most complete set for any knitter, it provides over 350 needle tip and cord combinations. The practical, round zipper pouch is equipped with 14 different needle tips of 5” long, stainless steel for fast and smooth knitting, ranging from US sizes 2.5 - 17 (3 mm to 12 mm), plus six smart cords that include inch-markings for quick measuring. Three of these are ultra-flexible swivel cords capable of rotating by 360 degrees, whereas the other three are fixed circular cables with a length of 24”, 32” and 40”.

      Additionally, there is an accessory bag with six end caps, cord keys and connectors, two darning needles and 50 stitch markers.

    2. The Generosity Set

      The  Generosity Set

      These cute 2” long needle tips are perfect for anybody who wishes to knit really small projects in the round. They make the perfect finish of your project so much easier, enabling you to comfortably knit cuffs, socks or finger gloves in the round. Eight different needles in US sizes 2.5 - 10 (3 mm to 6 mm) and four different cords of 10” - 12”. 30 stitch markers, needle gauge and end caps complete the set.

    3. The Mindful Warmth Set

      The  Mindful Warmth Set

      These 4” long needle tips are your best friends when it comes to knitting any small to medium-sized projects in the round, such as hats, cowls or sweaters. Thirteen pairs of aluminum needles, sized 2.5 to 15 (3 mm to 10 mm) are warm to your touch and have defined tips to ensure that you can grab the yarn securely without splitting it. Three swivel cords and three fixed cables of 16”, 19” and 22” make sure you can also knit heavier projects comfortably without tiring your wrists and tendons.

    4. The Mindful Believe Set

      The  Mindful Believe Set

      Here is a needle collection perfect for avid lace knitters or those who are keen to explore this knitting style further. Seven different needle tips, sized US 2.5 - 8 (3 mm to 5 mm) and four extra long cords (two swivel and two fixed) of 24” and 32” ensure that all your lace patterns will become a success. End caps, keys, darning needles and 50 stitch markers complete this set.

    5. The Mindful Kindness Set

      The  Mindful Kindness Set

      And finally, here is the versatile needle combination for all knitters who like to explore new styles and patterns and also look for a practical set when traveling or knitting on the go. We have chosen the seven most common sizes (US 2.5 - 8; 3 mm to 5 mm). The stainless steel tips are packed in a handy case and can be matched with four different cords (two swivel and two fixed cables of 16” and 22”), perfect to knit anything in the round or even to produce flat items, if preferred. The accessories include end stops, connectors and keys, needle gauge, two darning needles and 50 stitch markers.

  3. The Double Pointed Needles

    When it comes to knitting in circles, double pointed needles have been the first knitting needles around. Dpns are distinguished by having points on either end and are still preferred by many knitters for smaller tubular items, being very comfortable to handle for many patterns, once you know how to cast on correctly, that is.

    1. The Compassion Set

      The  Compassion Set

      This collection of dpns is for those who love making small stitches, lace or complicated fair isle patterns. The five different sets of double pointed needles made of stainless steel and with a comfortable length of 6” range from US size 0 to 3 (2 mm to 3.5 mm). They can be securely stored by their size in a compact zipper pouch, so no needle will ever be lost, and a complimentary accessory bag holds two darning needles, 30 stitch markers and a needle gauge.

    2. The Grateful Set

      The  Grateful Set

      We have put together a convenient set of five differently sized, sturdy 6” double pointed needles, just perfect for any worsted or aran yarns. The needles come in US sizes 4 - 8 (3.5 to 5 mm) and will enable you to knit thicker yarn into hats, socks or children’s sweaters quickly and smoothly. The accessory bag includes the same items as our Compassion Set above.

      As with all crafts, the most important thing when knitting mindfully is to exercise in moderation. Make sure you take a break every half hour to 45 minutes, stretch your back and arms, massage your fingers and wrists gently. Keeping a good posture while sitting for long periods of time and changing this posture every once in a while ensures you can thoroughly enjoy the progress of your work.

What type of Mindful knitting needle do you feel most comfortable with?


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