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Spring into Knitting: 10 Patterns to Make the Season Special

Spring is here and it’s not just the days of warm sunshine and blooming flowers but also the time to bring out your knitting needles and get creative! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced knitter, this is the perfect time to try out some new spring knitting patterns and projects. In this blog post, we’ll explore knitting projects that are sure to make the season special. You can change your wardrobe or up your fashion game or decorate your home.

Knitting for spring is very easy. Once you have learned the basics such as cast on, knit and purl stitches, increase and decrease techniques, smooth color changes, bind off, weaving in yarn ends and lastly, reading a pattern and chart you are ready for knitting spring projects. Spring knitting means working with yarn in pastels and light colors. You can browse your yarn stash for leftovers for vibrantly colored projects. Knitting with acrylic yarn is a good option. You can also experiment with patterns that you’ve knitted before in lighter yarn weights. Make sure to have knitting needles according to the project as well as knitting accessories such as stitch markers, darning needles, blocking tools, scissors, and more.

Yarn: Spring knitting projects are made interesting with vibrant shades that mimic nature. Light greens, yellows, bright blues and other summery shades get you into the mood for the new season. There are many season-special yarns out in the market that inspire you to get creative. If you have stash from previous projects then now is the time to use them up. Experiment with colors and yarn weights.

Knitting Needles: Choose knitting needles according to your project. But whatever you choose make sure you enjoy knitting with them. The Mindful Collection offers a wide range of stainless steel knitting needles in options of double-pointed (DPNs), fixed circulars as well as interchangeable circulars. You can explore knitting needle sets for multiple needles in a range of sizes in one place that helps tackle a variety of projects.

Pattern: A knitting pattern is basically a set of instructions to complete a project. You can go ahead with a project for spring with any of your previously-knit patterns but with lightweight yarns and different needle sizes.

Here are 10 spring knitting patterns that are sure to inspire and delight.

1. Lace Knitted Cardigan or Shrug

Lace Knitting

Lace knitting is definitely for spring and summer. The artful holes, the intricate patterns and the light-knitted fabric make it the season’s favorite. A cardigan or shrug is often required for chilly days. Accessorize your wardrobe with a lace knit pattern. If you are a new knitter, then take a look at our beginner's guide to lace knitting.

2. Condo Knitted Shawl

Knitting a shawl is a quick and easy project for the spring season. Condo knitting was a trend of the 80s but to date inspires knitters with its unique look. The pattern involves knitting with two different needle sizes. Cast on the stitches with a smaller needle and knit a row with a garter pattern. For the next row, use the bigger needle size and once again knit in a garter pattern. Alternate the needle (sizes) to make an open condo knit pattern. Use interchangeable circular needles for the project as you can switch the needle size easily instead off slipping the stitches to a different needle. The look is definitely spring-inspired and with the right colors of yarn you will have a perfect accessory to flaunt. You can easily go ahead with a rectangular or square-shaped design or experiment with a triangle shawl.

3. Skirt

Knitted garments are not just for winters and cold weather. Knitting a skirt is a good option for spring and summer patterns. Be it a flowy skirt or pencil silhouette, there are many options to choose from. For the warm weather knit with some vibrant colors. Basically, a skirt is a tube that requires some shaping. You can knit a skirt with any of your circular knitting needles, just make sure to have the right cord length to accommodate the stitches. Knitting with double-pointed needles is also a possible option but then the circumference is big and you’ll have to work hard to accommodate the stitches. You can also knit one flat and seam it to create the garment. Just like your sweaters and cardigans, in fact, in other garments you can experiment with stitch patterns for your skirts too.

4. Easter Eggs and Bunny Ear Headbands

Easter Eggs

Spring also brings the celebrations of Easter and what better than spring chicks and bunnies. Hunting for eggs and bunnies is an age-old Easter custom. With your knitting needles, you can easily fashion out some colorful eggs in a simple pattern. You can follow our blog on how to knit Easter eggs. The bunny ear headband also goes great with the festivities. With any single pointed needles, you can knit the headband in a flat pattern or work with circular needles to knit in the round. Knitting the bunny ears can be made by knitting short rows in separate pieces and attaching them later with a darning needle. You can design ears in different lengths and shapes. It is fun to involve in experiments for new projects for the season.

5. Flower Power

The lovely blooming flowers indicate that spring is here. Knitting a flower is easy. There is a wide range of patterns. You can knit any flower- rose, daffodils, tulips and even a sunflower. Working with a pattern is the best option here or you can knit your own design. Choose the yarn matching the shade of the flower. Small-size knitting needles 2mm are mostly used.

6. Lace Cowl or Shawlette

Lace knitting is an art. Spring-inspired lace knitting patterns are quick to make and give you an inspirational project for the season. A cowl does not require much as you simply make a round or knit a flat rectangle and join the ends together. For the lacey look, choose knitting needles a size or two bigger than the one mentioned for the yarn weight. For knitting your shawlette, choosing a knitting pattern is the best option as you get instructions on every step including knitting needles, yarn, gauge and stitch patterns. Not just spring, this accessory will also brighten up your attire in summer.

7. Garden Mittens

Spring season is nature’s best, a riot of colors, flowers and sunshine. Mittens or fingerless gloves work great for spring and summer projects. Make them special with different colors or use leaf or flower motifs if you knit fingerless gloves before you just need to add some motifs while following the steps of knitting in the round.

8. Rainbow Chevron Blanket

Though the severe bite of winter is gone, blankets are still needed for some chilly days. A blanket in the colors of the rainbow in a chevron pattern is a beautiful addition to your home as well as a delightful gift. Get the right shades of yarn or browse your stash for multiple colors. Knitting a blanket is fairly easy but time-taking. You can follow the zig zag chevron pattern all through the blanket.

9. Tee

There are so many beautiful spring knitting patterns to choose from and with the right knitting needles, you can create some truly stunning pieces. If you have knitted a tee before then just follow the pattern and knit with multiple colors.

10. Headband

Knitting a headband is a fairly easy knitting project. You simply knit a flat rectangle or knit a circular pattern. Experiment with colors and other stitch patterns. Cables, colorwork or textured stitch patterns work for the headband project

With this get ready for Spring Knitting! The Mindful Collection has a range of stainless steel knitting needles with an inspiring word on each tip. The standard range of sizes are available in DPNs, fixed circulars and interchangeable circular needles.

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