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Quick and Easy Mother's Day Gifts Knitting Patterns

Mother’s Day is just the perfect occasion to shove your Mom and other motherly people in your life how much you care. If you are a knitter – beginner, intermediate or advanced, there’s no better way to show your love and appreciation than with a hand-knitted gift. Hurry up and gather your knitting needles, accessories and yarn. If you are a seasoned pro you can get most of your projects done in an hour or a few days at the most. Even for beginners, it’s not very challenging to create some cherished knitted gifts and, if your mother or a mother figure say your beloved aunt, your best friend or a person who always mothered you is a knitter herself then the gift options also include yarn, a new knitting needle set, or some useful accessories.

If you are looking for quick knits to show some love, here are a few ideas. Before you go browsing knitting patterns, explore and see if you can plan your own design as it will be unique and rather special. You can recreate an old project or pattern in your Mother’s favorite colors or yarn weight. Let’s get started.

1. Oversized Chunky Knit Sweater or Cardigan 

Oversized Chunky Knit Sweater

A sweater may seem like a time-taking project but chunky-weight yarn will get your project done faster. If you have knit a sweater beforehand, you just have to follow the same steps but to add a special touch use some different yarn or a stitch pattern. Try out knitting a colorwork technique or a seed stitch or any other textured stitch. A circular knitting needle or better an interchangeable needle set will have you covered with multiple needle sizes as well as cord lengths. But, do make sure to keep a handy pair of straight needles and even DPNs as you may need them for different parts of the project.

2. Triangle Scarf or Shawl 

Scarf Knitting

A shawl or a scarf is always an appreciated gift and a rather quick knit too. With almost all yarn weights and knitting needles, you can make one. Ditch the regular squares and rectangles and get ready to cast on a triangle. Vibrant colors and lightweight yarn will create quite an inspiring pattern. With the approaching spring/summer and you can pair this gift with some new sunglasses, a bunch of mom’s favorite flowers, or a new book. A scarf or shawl can be easily knit with circular knitting needles. The cord will support most of the weight leaving your hands free from fatigue while you express your love for your mom with every stitch.

3. Socks 

Knitting Socks

Nobody says no to another pair of socks and definitely not handmade ones. Knitting a pair of socks is one of the best gifts. If you are new to knitting socks, then we have the complete guide for you. You can work with circular needles of the right length, smaller than the circumference of the project. But if you prefer knitting with DPNs, the steps remain the same but you simply cast on stitches and divide them equally on three or four DPNs.

4. Arm or Leg Warmers 

Knit Leg Warmers

Those lovely arms have carried you for years and they might need some extra warmth. It is a lovely knitting project. You can easily knit a pair in a few hours at the most. Choose double-pointed needles to fashion out the tube with yarn that comes from your stash or if you want to hit your LYS a skein would easily do. A circular knitting needle will also work if you have the right length, which is a needle that is smaller than the length of the project circumference.

5. Mommy and Me Hats 

Knitted Hat

Hats are lovely all year. Gifting a knitted hat never goes out of season! Make a pair for your mother and yourself, she’ll love to twin. Hats are easy to knit. Start with any circular knitting needle or DPNs. Use a darning needle for duplicate stitching on the knitwear and you can spell out mom or a loved nickname.

6. Cozy Slippers 

A much-appreciated gift is a pair of cozy slippers. You can easily knit a pair of straight needles and bring the pieces together to construct the shape. Chunky-weight wool does wonderfully but you can also use your stash to make a colorful pair. If you are good at knitting colorwork or are just learning, this will give you quite an opportunity to test your skills.

7. Throw 

A warm knitted throw in chunky weight yarn is a wonderful gift. There is no need for a pattern. You can easily go for a garter stitch pattern or a seed stitch one. If you are not keen on chunky weights, a mid-weight yarn will also work. Cast on stitches on your circular knitting needles and you’ll soon get there.

8. Mug Cozy 

A simple knit and yet so creative, a mug cozy can be made individually or in a set. If she already has a few you can dress up her potted plants with a cozy for the weather. You can either knit a seamless round or make a square or rectangle and then shape up the project.

9. Infinity Scarf 

Scarves make outfits look stylish as well as wrap one in warmth and love. An easy-knit infinity scarf with bulky yarn will look awesome and made in any color. You can make one in a simple garter or try out a textured seed stitch pattern or the moss stitch.

10. Bag or Purse 

A knitted bag is easy to make a great gift. You can basically knit a bag with any pattern or design you want. For a seamless design knit in the round with DPNs or circular needles and attach the knitted fabric to a clasp. Another option is to knit squares or rectangles and fashion out a clutch or a purse, whatever your mother would love! The choice of knitting needles is dependent on how you want to knit the project, in a seamless design or making it in pieces and then seaming them together later with a darning needle.

Whatever your mom is into, these gift ideas will make her day special. Explore the Mindful collection for a range of stainless steel knitting needles. The mindful theme, soothing teal colors and an inspiring word imprinted on each needle body help the knitter focus on the meditative aspects of the craft. The idea for knitting a gift for your mom or the motherly people in your life is to create something you love. So, pour in your love and see the knitting project become special.

Happy Mother’s Day Gift Knitting!

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