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Our mindful Chakra Stitch markers - A meditation

Our Mindful Collection would not be complete without our silver-plated, luxurious stitch markers, representing the seven chakras of life.

Chakra literally means “Spinning wheel”, and 2500-year-old Sanskrit texts describe the seven chakras as the energy circles or vortexes of our subtle bodies. We are made of five elemental chakras, representing Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether (or space) as well as another two chakras which reach beyond the physical elements into the spiritual world. The last two chakras are related to light and cosmic energy. If one or several of your chakras are blocked, you can feel anxious, distressed, or just tired and mentally exhausted.

Our mindful Chakra Stitch markers - A meditation

Thinking of your chakras as metaphors for the physical elements that surround us, can help you realize when you are out of balance. Your first chakra, the root chakra, is associated with the Earth. If this life energy of yours is blocked you may feel uprooted, insecure. If your root chakra is strong, you may perceive you standing firmly on your two feet.

Knitting can be a way to activate and open your chakras. They say knitting is the new yoga for a reason. When you knit, you simply are. Through mindful knitting, your root or foundation chakra opens. It is positioned at the end of your spine. You inhale and exhale, you feel safe and grounded. The upside-down triangle in the symbol which represents this chakra is the alchemical symbol of the Earth.

Our mindful Chakra Stitch markers - A meditation

But when you knit, you also connect your physical body with your mind and your spiritual body. Suddenly you begin to feel your creative juices flowing, you are in the flow. Your sacral chakra, which is defined by water energy, has been activated. The circles on the symbol represent the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. They are also an image of the crescent moon, which in its cycle is connected to the female or water energy within us. The sign is surrounded by the petals of a lotus flower which opens its blossom while floating on water.

And what's more, when knitting, you create something. Your knitted item is the very expression of your unique creativity and imagination. Now, your third or navel chakra opens, also referred to as the solar plexus chakra. This circle is all about confidence, this chakra is the magnetic epicenter of your personality and your ego. When it is activated, you overflow with boundless energy, which can motivate and finally transform you. The art of knitting can provide this energy with direction and a sense of purpose.

You are proud of your creation, you love the pattern you are knitting. It feels so good in your hand. Knitting is self-love, and this is when your fourth chakra opens, which is the heart chakra. It is the bridge between the first and the second three chakras and is found at the center of your chest. On the symbol of our Mindful Stitch Markers you can see the intertwining triangles forming a star, meaning that your upper and your lower body are connected. If your heart chakra is blocked, you can feel isolated, unloved. Perhaps you are codependent or in an unhealthy relationship. Finding the way back to love, compassion and joy is one of the most beautiful experiences in our lives.

Finally, you start spreading your joy. You give away the very manifestations of your new well-being to your loved ones (or yourself), you express your newfound creativity. Your fifth or throat chakra opens. It is connected to communication. You open up and talk about it. The sixteen petals by which the associated symbol is surrounded refer to the sixteen vowels of the Sanskrit language. You are on your path towards enlightenment.

Our mindful Chakra Stitch markers - A meditation

The sixth, or brow chakra is the all-seeing eye of enlightenment. You begin to see the interconnectedness of everything. It is located right between your brows and relates to your intuition and sixth sense. You suddenly know what feels right. Perhaps you start experimenting with new knitting stitches or patterns. The triangle in the symbol represents all the knowledge you have gathered so far and which you are conscious of now.

The last chakra symbol represents your crown chakra, which refers to the deep connection you experience with being a part of the divine world. It is represented by a simple circle, embedded in a lotus flower. The circle is one of the oldest symbols of mankind and can be found in every culture on Earth. You are standing within your very own circle, your temple of being. The exquisite blossom of a lotus flower is the embodiment of that perfection and beauty.

With the help of our Silver-plated Chakra Markers you can not only meditate while you are knitting a beautiful piece of garment, they also prevent you from getting lost in your pattern and guide you row by row (or circle by circle on your circular knitting needles) until your creation is finished.

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