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How to Knit with Double Pointed Needle

Small round projects like socks or hats are best knitted with double pointed needles. What are Double Pointed Needles? For those who do not know these needles yet, there are 5 knitting needles with a point on both sides, 5 needles are knitted in the round at the same time and this is how the round projects are created.

With this blog we would like to explain to you how to knit with double pointed needles and what to look out for. For most of them it’s frightening at first because it looks so complicated to knit with 5 knitting needles, but after our article you will definitely notice that there is no reason to be afraid. It's just a matter of practice. Our Mindful Double Pointed Needles are available in 2 different lengths, the Double Pointed Needles 6" for smaller projects and the Double Pointed Needles 8" for little larger projects. Our Mindful needles are made of sturdy stainless steel, yet they are light and easy to hold. The fine tips allow the stitches to be picked up well, making your work easier.

First and foremost, as with any project, you need to pick up the stitches on top of the needles. The best way to do this is with the cross attack. In addition, one more stitch is always cast on for the end of the round. Now you have to divide the number of stitches on 4 needles. The stitches can simply be lifted off the knitting needle and pushed onto one of the three other needles. The stitches must be distributed evenly.

How to Knit with Double Pointed Needle

Lift the remaining edge stitch onto the 1st needle. To be able to work in the round, this stitch and the next stitch are knitted together with the fifth needle. Then knit all other stitches on the 4th needle. So now all needles are connected to each other. The first row of a Double Pointed Needle project is the most difficult. To make it as easy as possible for yourself here, it is best to knit one round of simple knitted stitches.

Now work in the round from one needle to the other with the fifth needle. When you have straightened out a needle, it becomes the new fifth needle, so the needles change from round to round.

Most Double Pointed Needles projects begin with a Rip Knit Pattern because the knitted piece has an elastic waistband and is more comfortable to wear.

Another tip - try to knit your yarn with different needle sizes and find out which needle size is best for you. And if this is your very first Double Pointed Needle project, then you might just knit a few gauntlets and not socks right away. So you can feel your way into the matter and practice. Another tip, so that the knitting project has a little better hold while you want to knit the first needle, simply insert the fourth needle into a ball of wool.

As you can see, it’s not as difficult as it looks to knit with the Double Pointed Knitting Needles. Take a look at our Mindful Collection Double Pointed Needles and discover our Double Pointed Needles Sets packed in beautiful cases.


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