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When we buy knitting needles or essential knitting accessories, we want to get what we pay for, right? And we want these things to last for as long as possible through many uses, and not to have to replace them repeatedly. Investing in nice needles and tools made from high quality materials will save you from having to reinvest time and time again. How do you make a decision between all of the choices out there, and how do you know you're investing in a quality product? One sure way to make a smart investment is to buy and use needles and tools made from stainless steel.

Stainless steel is an iron-based metal with an abundance of positive qualities and a variety of uses in different fields. Knitter'sPride uses stainless steel in the production of our products because we aim for the highest possible quality and best customer experience. Using stainless steel helps give our needles precise lace tips and a super-smooth surface, both of which are helpful for being able to get into the meditative rhythm of knitting mindfully. We intentionally created the stainless steel needles and accessories of the Mindful Collection with all of these factors in mind, so you can experience the gamut of benefits of mindful knitting.

Using Stainless Steel for a Superior Knitting Experience

The Mindful Collection includes fixed circular needles,  4- and 5-inch interchangeable circular needle tips , and accessories manufactured from durable, long lasting, environmentally friendly, and recyclable stainless steel. The smooth needles come in a full range of sizes and cord lengths to suit any project's needs, from small-circumference projects like hats to big garments like sweaters and wide shawls. For easy selection, there are five sets to choose from depending upon your needs, and they come in gorgeous cases that go with the soothing Mindful Collection aesthetic. Different words that inspire calm and peace are printed on the needles surfaces to help you get into the knitting zone, and because of the quality of material, won't rub off with time and wear.

Using Stainless Steel for a Superior Knitting Experience

Stainless steel is often a good alternative for people with metal allergies, specifically nickel. Not all stainless steel is hypoallergenic, but Knitter's Pride created this patented Row Counter Ring that is indeed made of hypoallergenic stainless steel. The ring comes in a wide range of sizes and is made to be worn on an index finger or thumb-you can rotate while wearing the ring, one number at a time as you complete each row. It's functional fashion that's going to last for a very long time!

Using Stainless Steel for a Superior Knitting Experience

One more tool we love that is made using stainless steel is our knit blockers. The blockers help you pin your knits at a quicker rate than with single pins, and because stainless steel is rust resistant, they won't rust over time after being in contact with wet knits. Because of their wide and colorful tops, one doesn't lose track of them as easily as single pins.

Now you can see why stainless steel is a great material for knitting needles and tools, and how Knitter's Pride has used it to create some of our fine products. Stainless steel is a durable, rust-resistant metal that has a smooth surface, perfect for knitting and other delicate tasks with knitted fiber, and it can be a better alternative for people with metal allergies. Investing in high-quality stainless steel knitting needles and accessories now can help your knitting toolkit and budget in the long run!

What knitting-needle material do you enjoy working with the most? Have you experienced the soothing and calming nature of knitting with stainless steel?


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