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The Start of My Knitting Journey

Four years ago, I choose quit all social media connections, preferring personal relations and connections. Interestingly enough it was also the time when I rediscovered my knitting passion. Without the time sink of "social" media, I found a supportive knitting circle in my own town. Met your knitting needles. And made my first sweater in over 35 years for a friend in Australia. Along the way, I read: "The Loving Stitch: A History of Knitting and Spinning in New Zealand." By Heather Nicholson a well-researched and written work on the history of Knitting that made me realize the overarching story of knitting. And how radical knitting has always been. And not always a "woman's" craft.

In December 2018, I had an accident tearing my right rotator cuff, and breaking my right hand. One PT told me that I would never knit again that was the last straw when she sneered that I could do something more with my life than a woman's craft. Then I found an excellent Sports PT who said, she looked forward to seeing my next project. It's wonky, the tension is wrong, but I did knit again. It helped me strengthen my hand and shoulder.  And that Christmas I made my son a sweater. Tension is still a bit wonky but I'm working on it.

Knitting is a comfort, a connection with women and men of the past, and in this historic pandemic, I've met young women who took up knitting and found their new passion and support from generations of other women.

It's a community where all are welcomed. Beginners to the advanced, all ages, colours, and backgrounds.
Your interest in seeing what your "peeps" are doing, is proof the KnittingPride's knitting circle continues.

Deb Dufel


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