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Knitting as Mindful Practice

Knitting (and crochet for that matter) is not just a way to furnish a body with a squishy garment or yet another accessory. I understand it better as a way to show care and thought to family and friends. However, beautiful and practical the final object that you produce with the help of yarn and needles is, in our world of abundance it's the thought that counts.

I believe in the transfer of good and bad energy. A handmade object carries with it a tremendous amount of time and effort that went into creating it. Stitch by stitch, the maker poured herself into the work. She thought of the recipient often, imagining the joy and warmth it would bring them, thought of memories they share, wishing them well. Surely, the mental energy spent is carried within each stitch, whether it be perfect or slightly crooked.

I learned to knit and crochet at a very young age, and enjoyed making things for my family even as a child. Now that I live across the ocean and can't visit my parents and sisters as often as I wish, thinking of them occupies my mind more. Knitting helps me channel my thoughts, from sadly missing them into hopeful anticipation of the next visit, and provides me with physical tokens of my attachment that I can leave with them until the next time we meet.

I knit for myself, my children and husband, too, of course. I am the one who appreciates the handmade things the most and I hope to transfer that understanding to my family. As my kids keep growing, my expectation is that they will learn from example what slow, mindful making has to offer. And in my (perhaps just wishful) thinking each of the things I knit would serve them as a kind of a talisman keeping them warm, healthy and safe.

To have all these good vibes supporting your knitting and transferring through it, the maker has to follow a few simple rules: be comfortable, be mindful, and use quality tools. Taking the time to relax and enjoy the process without a rush to produce a finished object, keeping focused on the pleasure of making and the supple feel of yarn is of great importance to a maker's state of mind. What makes it possible is the thing that you wouldn't notice unless you don't have it - tools. They have to be of good quality, operate smoothly, and be at a handy distance. I am excited about the Mindful Collection from KnittersPride. Not only are these tools beautiful and strong, but the Mindful Collection takes it a step further with gentle reminders engraved on the needles, calming blue and white palette, and a thoughtful assortment of the most-used accessories.

The care and thought put into making knitting more mindful benefits both the maker and the recipient. The former enjoys the reprieve from the rush of everyday life, strengthening her body and mind, and the latter gets a one-of-a-kind gift, filled with memories and good wishes.

By Nailya Plaskey


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