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A Beginner's Knitting Journey

My lovely daughter in law embarked on a year long journey through the arts. She would practice an art every month and blog/vlog about it. In an effort to become closer to her and give us something to share, when knitting came around I asked her to teach me. I honestly didn't think it would take me anywhere, but she was willing to teach and I was willing to learn. She came over one Saturday and showed me a basic cast on and a basic knit stitch. She taught me the English method and I started practicing with a couple of metal needles and some red heart budget yarn. Before I could say tink, I found myself switching to a more natural continental method and began to find the ways that worked for me. I've developed a preference for birch interchangeable needles, specifically KnittersPride Dreamz. I mainly use Hobby Lobby's brand of yarn and don't even get me started on how much I love the Mindful Collection swivel cords.

Shortly after my daughter in law showed me that first stitch, two huge things changed in my life. My son and my daughter in law announced that they were expecting. And the whole world began struggling through covid. I'm a preschool teacher, and sadly our spring break didn't end until this September. Lots of sadness, stress and anxious waiting, but through it all, I've been able to knit through it. The sound and feel of the needles rubbing and clicking against each other is the sound of pure comfort for me. Being able to take yarn and needles and turn it into something lovely feels like a super power I never realized I had. It's a timeless gift to be able to create something warm and pretty. Since that first knitting lesson so long ago, we've welcomed a lovely granddaughter to our family. Her name is Avery Piper and she has stolen this grandma's heart. I've had the honor of being able to sit with Avery overnights and it's the perfect time to work on a blanket for her. I'm back at school with my toddlers. I was able to make them little prayer squares this summer and their nap time is when I do some of my best knitting. I'm so thankful to my dear daughter in law for introducing me to such a precious pastime.

From waiting rooms to zoom meetings to evenings at home, I always have my knitting to see me through. Thank you, KnittersPride for providing such quality products to work with. You all are the best!!

By Loriann Schwartz Zello


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