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Mindful Knitting with Stitch Markers

Once you begin regularly using stitch markers with your knitting projects, you will always be sure to have them on hand. These handy little accessories are essential for almost every project whether you are knitting small patterns for socks or large items such as blankets. Stitch markers are used to mark rows, rounds, and specific areas of a project. They are very useful in avoiding some common knitting mistakes. If you have not yet tried knitting with stitch markers, it is important that you start soon.

So, before you start your next project, let’s discuss what makes them so indispensable.

1. Mark the beginning of the round

When you’re knitting in the round, it is tricky to tell when a round begins or ends. Place a stitch marker at this point and you are sure to always know the answer.

Mindful Knitting With Stitch Markers

2. To Mark a Reference Point

Often a knitting pattern will instruct you to work in a pattern to a specific point, for example, Knit in stockinette stitch for 1”. Since it can be difficult to see where that point is, simply place a stitch marker at the beginning of that section and measure from there.

3. Mark pattern repeats in a color chart

Color charts require a lot of focus. The more shades you use, the easier it is to lose your place in the pattern. Make your work easier to see, by placing a stitch marker at the beginning and end of a color repeat. In addition, if something doesn’t look right, markers can help you backtrack to the spot in question. Instead of searching your knitted rows and comparing the chart, you can use the markers to divide your work into smaller, more manageable sections.

4. Spot pattern Repeats in Lace

Just like color charts, lace pattern repeats can result in losing your place. Mark those repeats with stitch markers and you’ll be able to sail through the project, row by row.

Mindful Knitting With Stitch Markers

5. To Mark Multiples of Stitches

Many patterns (such as shawls or blankets) require you to count large numbers of stitches at a time. If you mark in multiples of a specific number, such as 10 or 20, with a stitch marker, you can simply count by that number when you check that you have the right amount on your needle.

Mindful Knitting With Stitch Markers

6. Where to Increase or Decrease

Sometimes patterns instruct you to count stitches before a decrease or increase. For instance, it might say “P14, K2tog, P6”. Those instructions are often repeated in the same place for several rows. If that’s the case, P14, then place a marker. You won’t have to count those 14 stitches every time, and the stitch marker will let you know when it’s time to decrease.

7. Where to Begin Cables and Other Special Stitches

If you are working on a pattern with special stitches or cables, stitch markers will be your best friends! If you place one at the point where the more elaborate stitch begins, you can work smoothly until you reach the marker and then concentrate on the instructions.

Besides the above points, stitch markers can be used according to your convenience. You can either place them on the needle or the project depending on your pattern and stitches.

Most knitters know the soulful effect of their favorite craft. Using stitch markers is another step in increasing your mindfulness when knitting. Available in various sizes, shapes and designs, stitch markers can elevate your knitting ability. The colorful, cute notions are preferred as they are easily spotted and let you enjoy knitting. Now that we have understood the profound role stitch markers can play, why not choose the ones that help you knit more mindfully?

Knitting with Mindful Stitch Markers

Mindfulness means being in the moment. Knitting is just another name for mindfulness. The entire process is healing and has proven benefits. The Mindful Collection is dedicated to the meditative aspects of knitting. The stainless steel needles are a pleasure to use and the inspirational word imprinted on each needle tip reinforces the practice of mindfulness. The stitch markers in the collection are special, as well. There are options of locking, split and round stitch markers.

Mindful Knitting With Stitch Markers

The sterling silver plated stitch markers represent the seven ancient chakras. Having these tokens of mindfulness in your knitting project is a reminder of the healing power of knitting. Add these “chakra” stitch markers to your knitting accessories to increase your mindfulness and add to the benefit of Mindful Knitting.

The Seven Chakras

  1. Crown - I understand
  2. Brow - I see
  3. Throat - I communicate
  4. Heart - I love
  5. Solar Plexus - I create
  6. Sacral - I Feel
  7. Root - I am

Besides the beautiful chakras, we have an assortment of mindful markers in locking, split and ring shapes. These too are offered in a variety of soothing teal shades that look beautiful in your projects.

Happy mindful knitting!

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