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Transform your Project with Mindful Blocking Tools

Blocking is one of the essential steps of knitting or crocheting any project. You can take any knitting or crochet project and bring out its best appearance with the right blocking tools. Often overlooked but given the many benefits of blocking projects, it is also important to get the process right. If you have been skipping out on blocking or not doing it right, here’s your chance to make things perfect with blocking tools from the Mindful Collection.

In this blog, we’ll discuss blocking methods, our different blocking tools, and how they transform your project.

Why block your projects?

Blocking is a great method to even out your stitches, let your yarn bloom and show its full potential in creating a nice, even fabric. Here’s what blocking can do for your projects.

  • Even tension in the knitted or crocheted fabric and make little irregularities disappear or become inconsequential.
  • It opens up your lace stitches and patterns. While it is recommended to block all your knitted projects, it is a step that you cannot skip in the case of lace knitting projects. The delicate patterns truly shine after the blocking process.
  • It highlights your textures such as crochet puffs and bobbles or cables.
  • It helps shape your project. Even after the project is off the knitting needles or crochet hook, it gives the chance to straighten out the shapes.
  • It gives shine, softness and drape to your fabric.
  • You might even be able to fix a few mistakes by blocking. For example, if your sweater sleeves are too short, you might be able to slightly stretch the fabric so that they fit better.

Our Mindful Blocking Tools serve many purposes from gently stretching out your sweaters or to give some shape. Just take into account that each yarn has different textures, quality and tension. Water and heat can change yarn and the patterns dramatically, so plan accordingly.  You can soak the entire project in a bowl or bucket of water beforehand or gently spray warm water. Each pattern and yarn has different needs.

Tools for perfect blocking from our Mindful Collection:

Blocking mats

Our blocking mats have been designed like a giant puzzle and can be assembled in the shape, length and width your project requires. Shaped just like a tangram puzzle but with the possibility to interlace the pieces firmly, our set contains 9 blocking mats each measuring 12" x 12" for blocking small & large projects.

Blocking mats

The teal color mats come in a color-coordinated teal bag that meets all blocking requirements for various projects.

Knit Blockers

Knit blockers facilitate an even blocking of your project. The Mindful Knit Blockers are available in mesmerizing gradient effects of shades of teal color and help blocking unusual shapes. Sturdy, rust-resistant, stainless steel pins anchor knitting (your knitwork) for easy blocking. The options range from 8 pieces of knit blockers with 4 pins and 12 pieces of knit blockers with 8 pins each.

Mindful Knit Blockers

Our bright and sturdy knit blockers help maintain a good tension on all edges of your project and get them straight. The pins even out your stitches and let patterns come out in the most stunning way. Having more than one pin tip makes blocking wide-width projects easier.

For tricky lace patterns, our Mindful Knit Blockers help you to expertly finish your project. They are rust-resistant, so you can pinpoint all your additional spikes in your delicate pattern with utter precision.

With blocking, your knitted and crocheted items come out amazingly. You not only get ‘wows’ but solve many woes too. Your project will have the best appearance and will get over many small mistakes. Hopefully, you have got all your questions answered about blocking and our blocking tools. Happy blocking!

The Mindful Collection is an exclusive range dedicated to enjoying the meditative benefits of knitting. Do you have a favorite knitting needle, set, or accessory from the Mindful Collection? You can learn more about our Mindful knitting needles and sets in our previous blog.

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