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Gifts for Mindful Knitters

Are you looking for a gift for your favorite knitter? Gifts for your special knitter have to be meaningful and functional. Knitting is itself a gift to your physical and mental health. The craft of creating something with your hands is a way of meditation and being in the moment. For mindful knitters, no matter a newbie to knitting or a maker for years with the intention to expand skills by learning new techniques, having good tools at hand is essential. To help you choose the best gifts for a knitter, we have compiled a list of mindful gifts that your loved knitter would certainly love.

So, let’s take a look.

1. Interchangeable Needle sets

Every knitter has this mantra about knitting needles, the more the merrier. Knitters never say enough when it comes to needles or yarn. An interchangeable needle set is a holy grail for many knitters. Having one set of these needles opens up the chance to take up a number of knitting projects, several at one time.

Gifts for Mindful Knitters

Interchangeable needle sets are worth it as one set has popular needle sizes, along with cords in a variety of lengths.⁠ By having interchangeable tips and cords, the set allows the ability to mix and match them so you have every needle size needed. So, if your knitters prefer to knit socks or shawls or afghans, one set can assist with all of them. Also, it is a versatile system that allows knitting in the flat as well as in the round. If you want to know more, take a glance at our previous blog on Mindful interchangeable needle sets.

2. Stitch Markers 

Stitch markers are essential for every knitter or crocheted. Whether you’re gifting a novice or seasoned knitter, they’ll need stitch markers for their projects. As the name implies, they are markers that indicate the number of stitches you have within the row so you don’t have to count them. These charming knitting accessories come in different shapes and designs. They are little rings in designs of rings, locking and split shapes, in beautiful designs and vibrant shades.

Stitch Markers

For gifting purposes, you can choose ones with positive meanings. The sterling silver chakra stitch markers are not just gorgeous to look at but have a meaning. Each chakra represents spiritual power specific to 7 different areas within the body: the head, the brow, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral area and the base.

3. Cords 


Many knitters already own interchangeable knitting needle sets for their knitting game. They might not require any more tips but they will never deny extra cords. The cords are available from 16" (40 cm) to 60" (150 cm). Smart cords for ICs are one of the best gifts as they are marked at 1" intervals for convenient measurement while knitting. Make sure whether you choose swivel and fixed cords that they can be easily attached to the needle tips. Memory free, no twisting cords work best for all projects. The cords come with end stoppers, cord connectors and

4. Row counter ring

Row counter ring

A count of row and stitches are essential for knitting, no matter how small or big a project is. If you are thinking of a special gift for your favorite knitter, a row counter ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry and a must-have knitting accessory. The beautiful rainbow-hued ring looks very charming in the hands of a knitter and makes for a beautiful gift.

5. Knitting project bags

Knitting Bags

A selection of coordinated knitting project bags and cases have been specially designed for The Mindful Collection. Ranging in size and shape, there is an attractive project bag and storage case for just about any size project. From large knitting tote bags to knitting handbags, there are plenty of options to cater to mindful knitting needs.

6. Knitting accessories

Any knitter will never say no to accessories. Here too the gift must focus on being prized among the craft collection. Darning needles are essential tools for stitching the knitted pieces together and weaving in loose ends and make for a thoughtful gift. This is the same for the blocking tools, retractable measure tape, needle gauges, and even needle sets, etc.

Darning Needles

The Mindful Collection is carefully created for knitters to experience mindfulness. Each of the knitting needles and accessories in the range is made of stainless steel which is a sustainable material with many positive attributes. Making the collection all the more special is the fact that each of the needle tips has an inspirational word printed on them, which enhances the mindful knitting experience. The teal theme of the collection is beautiful as well as soothing and focuses on the meditative aspects of the craft.

knitting accessories   stainless steel knitting needle sets