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5 Reasons why Knitting is Mindful Meditation

Do you want to practice mindful mediation, but feel overwhelmed? What if mindful meditation could be creative? By many people’s view, mindful meditation changes one’s life and not to mention gives a better way to cope with the constant chaos of the world. The concept of mindfulness is mostly associated with activities of meditation, yoga, etc. But, with science-backed research knitting has proven to be an activity of mindful meditation. The crafting experience evokes the same feelings as mindfulness.

The image of meditation doesn’t seem to have anything in common with people crafting busy with knitting needles, but they share more than most of us realize. Before understanding the unexpected mindful meditation of knitting, let this sentence soak into your soul.

"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."

- Elizabeth Zimmerman, 'Knitting Without Tears'.

Mindful meditation is the practice of focusing only on the present moment while letting go of all other thoughts from your mind. It is a process of thinking about the positive things in your life. It means being grateful, being happy, and being fulfilled. Still not sure knitting is all that and a little bit more?

So, let us show how knitting is the true definition of mindful meditation.

5 Reasons why Knitting is Mindful Meditation

  1. Knitting is the act of being in the moment, every stitch, every knit, and every purl.

    The practice of knitting requires to be in the moment. It means to be attentive to the needles, the yarn, the smooth movement, every stitch, and the pattern you are working on. The process, helps you focus your body and mind in the present moment.

    Like meditation becomes easy with a focus on a single mantra, knitting becomes easier with a focus on the mantra of “knit one, purl one”. 

  2. Knitting induces peacefulness

    The process of knitting begins with sitting still, breathing in and out, and focusing on your craft. Knitting be it a simple pattern or complex projects can induce a peaceful state. Once you set aside anxious thoughts and focus on the rhythmic, repetitive hand motions of knitting, you slowly feel at peace. This peaceful state of mind also lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. With the constant practice of knitting, peacefulness becomes a habit, it becomes your oasis of calm in the constant chaos.

  3. Knitting means focus

    The craft of knitting requires focus. Even before sitting to knit you need to develop a focus on the activity. And while you are knitting, you focus on the needles and the repetitive task of forming stitches. As you maneuver your needles and yarn to accomplish the stitches and ultimately a pattern, this makes you slowly focus all your senses in the present moment. 

    The mindful focus of knitting makes it easy to push away thoughts about the past, about the future, and all other anxious thoughts of your mind. Like meditation while knitting, play some soft background music, or light some incensed candles and see your senses focused. In meditation, the right setting, the right clothes, and the right company mean better focus. Similarly, while knitting, the right pair of needles, the right tools, and accessories let you focus on mindful aspects.

  4. Knitting means practicing gratefulness

    Knitting provides many opportunities to practice grateful thinking! If your needles or yarn are handmade, feel grateful to the makers. The personal connection to the tools and accessories is always mindful. Always choose your favourite knitting needles and yarn of a fabric that you love when practicing mindful meditation. 

    If you are planning to knit for a gift, think about how receiving the gift will feel and about how thankful the person will be. A knitted gift like a hat, socks, sweater, shawl, scarf, or anything is like gifting a part of yourself, a part that you created. This is a true form of gratitude. Likewise, you can gift yourself a knitted item. Again you practice gratitude for your physical and mental health anytime you wear your project. Similarly, if you are just starting to knit or even you have spent years crafting, being gifted knitting needles set or any other accessories or yarn makes you feel thankful. 

  5. Knitting means creating positive feelings

    Knitting creates positivity. The process of creation is the most positive feeling one could have. Like every other hobby, knitting is self-love, a little bit of pampering and therapeutic. Time spent pursuing your favorite hobby is a pure dose of positivity that gives new life to your spirit. And, when you have a finished knitting project you feel charged with positivity.

    Now that we have all the reasons that knitting is an unexpected mindful meditation, let’s explore the collection designed for mindfulness.

About Mindful Knitting

The Mindful Collection is carefully created for the body, mind, and spirit to experience mindfulness. Each of the knitting needles and accessories in the range is made of stainless steel which is a sustainable material with many positive attributes. Making the collection all the more special is the fact that each of the needle tips has an inspirational word printed on them, that enhances the mindful knitting experience. The knitting accessories of the range too are carefully designed with mandalas and chakras in various shades of the soothing teal shade.

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