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How the Mindful Collection is here to change Knitting?

The knitting craft is just another way to practice mindfulness. It has been proven by many scientific studies, that knitting has numerous mental health benefits. According to psychologists, knitting induces a measurable “relaxation response” in your brain, comparable to the effects of meditation. When we knit, we focus on the rhythmic actions of our knitting needles and the smooth flow of yarn running through our fingers and the repetitive movement of our hands. With this continuous practice, you slowly experienced the calming effect of the craft. Once you make knitting your habit, you will find that you experience mindfulness every moment with the craft.

If you have felt too anxious or nervous to practice meditation or yoga in the past, knitting may be your guide on your road to finding tranquility and peace. So why not take knitting? The Mindful Knitting Collection has everything to support you on your journey.

Let us show you, how:

Stainless Steel Knitting Needles

Stainless steel is the choice for all the knitting needles in the  Mindful Collection. The double points have smooth tips on both ends. The fixed circular and interchangeable circular knitting needles are perfectly tapered to work with all kinds of yarn.  The material is entirely recyclable and leaves a carbon footprint close to 0. Besides, the smooth surface allows knitters to knit without hassle. The strong, rust-resistant material is a choice that will serve you a lifetime.

Stainless Steel Knitting Needles

Inspiring Words

The Mindful knitting needles have an inspiring mindful word on each tip, unique to a size that guides you in your mindfulness routine. Each needle bears a laser-printed ‘mantra’, such as breathe, exhale, relax, dream, serene, or explore. These words subconsciously guide you on being in the moment. When knitting with the needles you focus on the word and let your mind delve into its meaning.

Soothing Teal Shade

The entire Mindful Collection displays various shades of subtle teal. The turquoise hues of our needle cords, accessories and bags induce calmness and relaxation. The colours have been consciously chosen as they are particularly easy on the eye and are said to be creative, serene and emotionally balanced. Being usually associated with a calmer, rather reflective mood, teal also evokes optimism and spiritual enlightenment.

Mindful Imagery

The Mindful Collection is represented the blooming lotus, a sacred and ancient symbol of rebirth and resurrection. Born out of the depth of muddy waters, the lotus flower opens its shiny petals every morning just like the rising sun. The ancient seven chakras have also been used in the collection as stitch markers.

Knitting Accessories

The Mindful collection is designed to make knitting another way of mindfulness. For this purpose, all essential accessories such as stitch markers, darning needles, scissors, row counters, knit blockers & blocking mats, tape measure and needle gauge are a part of the range.

  1. The stitch markers are available in a pack with different teal shades as well as in the design of the sacred chakras that are in line with the theme of the collection.
  2. The ancient darning needle comes in teal shade with popular sizes that are perfect for all kinds of weaving needs.
  3. The row counters come in options of a beautiful hypoallergenic stainless steel ring as well clicky.
  4. The blocking tools are available in subtle teal colors that serve the purpose of adding a finishing touch to any knitting project.
  5. Even the beautiful needle gauge is designed in the shape of a flower shape that complements the collection
  6. Even the bags and cases have been carefully selected so that mindful knitters can enjoy their craft. Totes, project bags and twin bags are part of the range.

Stainless Steel Knitting Needles

Carefully designed needle sets

Moving on, the Mindful Needle Sets cover all knitting requirements to help you express your creativity. There are comprehensive nine needle sets of interchangeable and fixed circular as well as double-pointed knitting needles that come in their own unique case and include special accessories. Each set serves the knitter with different purposes. Some have the perfect sizes for knitting lace or round projects and even versatile uses.

The sets have special names such as Grateful, Compassion, Warmth, Gratitude, Kindness, Believe, Explore, Serenity and Generosity. The sets are perfectly designed for use by knitters as well as gifts for other knitters.

The Mindful Collection is designed to be your guide on your path to Mindfulness. Even if it is knitting only for half an hour every day, the conscious, mindful practice is a wonderful way to find yourself entirely in the moment and relieve the stress of your day-to-day routine. For crafters who dedicate hours to the craft, the collection meets all their knitting needs while taking care that they enjoy the craft.

So, get started with mindful knitting and make sure to tag us on social media channels.

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