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Easy going Summertime Knitting Projects

Don't put down your needles and hooks when the temperature rises. Knitting outdoors is a pleasure, - especially in the summer season. You can soak in the warm sunshine, feel the breeze and enjoy your favorite craft. If you are a “mindful knitters” or one of those that knit to “be in the moment”, there’s much to enjoy!  The melody of knitting needles only complements the fun you will be having with summertime knitting projects. Read on to see what we suggest!

Triangular Shawls

Shawls are the perfect project for summer because they are lightweight.  Many of them can be made using that single special skein of yarn you've been saving in your stash. Today we’ll explore some of the different shapes shawls can take and include lots of free patterns as inspiration for your summer crafting adventures!

When you think of shawls, you may think about the standard triangle shawl. That version is constructed starting with a few stitches at the top center and worked using increases at the center and outer edges. This turns the garment into a triangle, as you work back and forth. The resulting shawl can be worn over the shoulders to keep you warm (with the point at the back) or can be wound around your neck bandana-style (with the point at the front) as a becoming accessory.

Triangular Shawls (Things you will need:

Knitting Needles: US 7 or US 8, 32-inch circular needle, or a larger needle, if you want a lacier look.

Accessories: Stitch Markers, scissors, blocking mat & knit blockers, row counter, etc.

Yarn: Approximately 490 yds, (449 m) of cotton, rayon, mohair, or cashmere yarn. Choose a soft yarn – one you’d like wrapped around you for comfort - trust your creativity. You can find the pattern and instructions in our previous blog on knitting a meditation shawl.

Here’s another fast & easy warm weather project idea:

Summer Tee

The Summer Tee is an ideal and quick summery knit. A DK-weight yarn is a good choice since it is lightweight and quick to knit. There are so many choices of DK yarn available, that it is easy to find something that you love. Cotton or bamboo might be a good summertime option.

The summer tee knitting project is easy and flattering to most body shapes. We like how versatile the tee is- you can wear it with a dress, skirt, shorts, or jeans. You can easily customize your tee by making the sleeves longer or the body longer, too. The pattern can also be altered to make the tee without sleeves or other designs with the measurements.

Summer Tee

Things you will need:

Knitting Needles: Use a needle size suitable for the yarn weight (consult the label). When knitting the body, you may find it helpful to use a 40” circular cord. For the sleeves, you can a shorter length circular or double-pointed needles of the same size.

Accessories: Stitch Markers, scissors, knit blockers, knit blockers and darning needle.

Yarn: Designed for DK weight yarn. The sample is knit in 200 yd / 198 m, 95 g using 3 colors. Have fun with the striping and knit in 2, 1, 4 or more colors! It makes for a great stash buster, using those small leftovers from other knitting projects. Choose summer colors if you are buying new yarn.

Find the free pattern in our previous blog.


A useful accessory that uses three colors of either DK or worsted-weight yarn.  Smoke & Mirrors is a bandana-style cowl that is initially knit flat, like a triangular shawl. After you have finished the first part of the cowl, you join it to knit it in the round. The cowl is broken into sections with eyelets, stripes, and a mix of garter and yarnover stitches. Even though you may not be able to use your cowl this summer, you surely will enjoy having one at the turn of the weather to colder days again.

Cowl Knitting Pattern

Knitting needles: US 5 / 3.75 mm 24” / 60 cm circular needles.

Accessories: Tapestry needle, 4 stitch markers, scissors, knit blockers and mats.

Yarn: DK weight yarn. The suggested pattern uses 262 yd / 240 m and three unique colorways.

Find the pattern of the cowl in our previous blog on knit along the smoke and mirrors cowl.

Besides, the three projects we mentioned above, there are a lot of possibilities for experimentation. You can design your own patterns with some simple stitches.

For summer you can also go stash busting. Your leftover yarn collection can be used to knit a simple throw or a dishcloth, for instance. A very gratifying summertime knitting project can be a stylish knitted bag or two!

Let your creativity take flight with your summertime knitting. Make sure to focus on enjoying the summer weather and your knitting. If you have given your needles rest for the season, our blog on knitting being mindful meditation will change your mind. If you are new to mindful knitting, our collection will make knitting pleasurable for you.

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