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Choosing the Best Circular Knitting Needles for the Magic Loop

Knitting is an expression of love, comfort, and all things wonderful. Whether you are new to knitting or experienced, you have come to the right place to discuss our favorite craft. In this blog, we will be discussing the magic loop and how to choose the right circular needle for the technique.

Once you have learned your knit and purl stitches, you must be itching to get started with a project. Knitting flat is easy, you simply knit according to a pattern. Things get complicated when you start with circular knitting. For centuries, knitters have been knitting in a circle with four or five double-pointed needles. But, with the arrival of circular knitting needles, things got easier and the magic loop method changed the game.

Magic loop, like its name, is a magical technique for knitting small items in the round without the use of double pointed needles. This particular method requires the right circular needle – one that is comfortable for you. With the magic loop, you can easily knit socks, the fingers of mittens and pretty much anything of small circumferences.

When it comes to knitting tools, there’s no one tool that suits everyone. It takes a bit of experimentation to figure out the ideal pair of circular knitting needles. But there are a few points to keep in mind when choosing the best needle for the magic loop.

1. Smooth Needle material

Every knitter is different and each of us has a preferred material when it comes to knitting needles. Some prefer stainless steel or metal since stitches move freely on the smooth surface, and some like other materials such as wood, plastic, etc. Choosing a particular knitting needle material depends on your preference and comfort. There are many options from which to choose. It just takes a bit of trial and error to figure out which circular knitting needle you like best.  In fact, the knitting needle material you prefer for the magic loop technique might be different from your usual favorite pair.

Stainless Steel Knitting Needle

2. Flexible cords

When choosing circular needles for the magic loop technique, the cords that connect the needles are very important. So, before you start your knitting, test the cable flexibility. Bend it back and forth and look at the thickness, as well. Is the cable flexible or does it have a mind of its own? Is the cord bulky or light?

Choose a cord material that is adjustable or at least can be made so with warm water and some balanced heat. The best option is usually a memory-free cord made of nylon. You will notice that many of our Mindful cords have swivel mechanisms for no-twist glide and 1” markings that enable the measurement of projects or the cable itself.

Flexible cords

3. Cord length

The cord length of circular knitting needles is very important when you knit a project using the magic loop. A cord that’s 32″ or even 48″ long is a good choice. Any long cable is perfect for a magic loop on any project. But sometimes too much length can be annoying as you’re sliding the needles back and forth.

If you’re planning to knit using the technique of magic loop frequently, it’s best to invest in an Interchangeable knitting needle Set. These needle sets come in different sizes, cord lengths and accessories. You can easily choose the best length based on each individual project and even switch the cords for need and comfort.

Interchangeable knitting needle Set

4. The join between the needle and cord

When choosing needles for a magic loop, it's important to choose a needle that has a smooth join between the needle and the cable. While making the magic loop, we’re pulling the needles back and forth through the stitches a lot, therefore we don’t want our stitches to be stuck or snag at the join.

Since fixed circular needles have a permanently fixed cable, as a rule, the join is smooth. The interchangeable circular needles come in different cord lengths with cord connectors and cord keys that require the knitter to attach (or screw on) the right length. When secured properly (using the cable key), the join on Mindful stainless steel interchangeable needles is smooth.

Once you have taken these four points into consideration, you are ready to choose your favorite circular needles for the magic loop.  It is always recommended to give time to your knitting techniques. The first attempt might not be perfect but will teach you unforgettable lessons.

The Mindful Collection needles come in both fixed and interchangeable needle versions. Made of stainless steel they provide comfortable knitting and are an ideal choice when using the magic loop cast on.

Ready to take up the magic loop? Check out Mindful Collection’s range of interchangeable circular knitting needles for your project. Be sure to browse through our blog to learn more about knitting tips, needles and accessories.

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