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Why Stainless Steel Needles are good for Lace Knitting?

Lace knitting is an ancient and intricate art. With the right knitting needles and yarn, lace patterns become easy. The basic rule of lace knitting is to create strategically placed holes in the garment you are knitting.  From the simplest pattern to the most complex ones, lace knitting looks ethereal. Many knitters believe that stainless steel needles are the best choice when it comes to lace knitting.

Here are some helpful qualities of stainless steel knitting needles that make them the ideal choice when you decide to knit lace. 

Pointy Tips

Experienced lace knitters normally use only finely pointed needles for a lace project. The polished tips are helpful in knitting multiple stitches together, which is a lace-knitting requirement. In lace knitting, the needle has to go in two or even three stitches at once, thus there is a need for sharp tips so that you can knit smoothly and the yarn does not snag or split.

Stainless steel knitting needles

Smooth tips

Knitting needles have a smooth surface that allows the yarn to glide effortlessly and stitches to form smoothly. The smooth needle texture is also essential for working with all kinds of yarn. Some yarns and fibers tend to be recommended more frequently in lace knitting projects. Materials such as cashmere, alpaca, angora, mohair and other lightweight yarns often have a slightly fuzzy texture. Stainless steel needles tend to work best with these more fragile types of yarn.

Best lace knitting needles


Steel is a strong material that is difficult to break or bend. Stainless steel knitting needles are ideal for beginners learning to knit lace patterns as well as those with knitting experience since they can stand up to the wear of knitting multiple stitches over long stretches of time. Moreover, the needle has a smaller risk of getting scratched, dented, or bent with use.  It is a worthy investment in your mindful practice of knitting.

Often the finer gauge sizes needles are used for lace knitting, so strength is important. Also, stainless steel serves well for heavier gauge knitting patterns, of course. Whatever the size of the yarn, stainless steel serves the knitter well.

Best lace knitting needles

Lifeline holes

Lifelines are aptly named because they can save your knitting in many ways. If you make a mistake, your lifeline is there, safely holding a row of stitches that you know were correct. All you need is tink (unknit) or rip back to that row with the awry stitch and start again.

The interchangeable stainless steel knitting needles from the Mindful Collection come with the lifeline hole. This little hole in the knitting needle is perfect for weaving in a lifeline which is very important.

If you have not yet discovered this trick, check out our blog on adding a lifeline to your knitting.

Positive Attributes

Stainless steel is a durable, rust-resistant metal that has a smooth surface which is perfect for knitting and other delicate tasks with yarn.  It is also a better choice for people with allergic reactions to other lesser-grade metals. Investing in high-quality stainless steel knitting needles and accessories, in the beginning, can help your knitting toolkit and budget in the long run!

One of the greatest benefits of stainless steel knitting needles may be the way they feel. The smoothness, sturdiness, and overall quality make them a popular choice among knitters! When you knit something, you are creating it with your hands and your unique vision.  The tools you use are important.

Knitting Needles for Lace Patterns

Now, coming to how to choose needles for lace knitting, we have discussed in our previous blog the points to keep in mind.

Most of us knitters prefer a set of needles or brands over others for the natural ease of working with it. The Mindful Collection carries a complete assortment of lace knitting needles. You can choose individual sizes or purchase knitting needle sets that contain the most popular sizes plus accessories. Kits are often the best and most economical way to buy interchangeable circular needles since they include a variety of sizes but also added helpful accessories that, if bought separately, would cost more.

The Mindful Collection is designed to enable the knitter to practice mindfulness while knitting. Every needle in the range has an inspirational word imprinted on the tip to strengthen the focus on the meditative aspects of knitting. While the stainless steel needles work beautifully for knitting, the smooth teal cords of the collection assist with the craft. Even the accessories promote mindful knitting.

If you would like to explore the creative path of mindfulness, please follow our blog.

Till then, happy knitting!

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