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Mindful Collection: The Power of Dream and Rejoice in Knitting

Words are powerful and we have discussed this in our previous blog on the power of inspirational words in our Mindful Collection. Using them mindfully can encourage contemplation and make a profound difference in people’s well-being. That power of the word is one of the reasons that the Mindful Collection was developed.  The special range of knitting needles and accessories is designed to enjoy the benefits of mindful knitting. Smooth stainless steel needle tips, smooth cords and soothing shades of teal make the collection a precious possession for knitters.

The line of knitting needles is imprinted with specific words – one per set of needles. Each word was thoughtfully chosen to help the knitter focus on the power of using our hands to create. In the weeks to come, we will examine the meaning of each of our chosen words. This week we turn our focus on the words – Dream and Rejoice.

knitting needles imprinted with positive words

These words feature on our US 6 (4mm) and US 7 (4.5mm) knitting needles. So, be it our range of fixed circulars or the interchangeable needles or our double-pointed needles, each knitting needle of the size will have these positive words guiding you on your knitting journey.

Dream - 4.0mm (US 6)

There are multiple definitions for the word dream, but the one that might be most meaningful to a knitter is “to bring into being”. As knitters, the word has the power to unlock our imagination. When we create, we literally combine yarn and our vision and make something new -something that has never before existed. By concentrating on the word, our confidence in our ability grows. In time, we begin to see ourselves as dreamers and visionaries. The word continuously repeated, can come in handy, whenever you need help to focus your mind.

So, whether you are knitting with double-pointed needles or using our circular needles, the word will remind you to create and to focus on being mindful while you create. These wonderful sizes are among the most commonly used knitting needles for making sweaters, mid-weight scarf, hats, and pretty much everything.

Knitting with Stainless Steel Knitting Needles

Rejoice - 4.5mm (US 7)

The word ‘rejoice’ in general means "to feel or show great happiness about something". The word imprinted on the mindful knitting needles brings the focus on joy. Every knitter feels warmth, positivity and joy with each stitch. It is because you see something take shape in front of your eyes. You rejoice when you think about how your knitting will bring joy to your loved one. Even if you are in the middle of a crisis, the word will take your focus on finding the joy in knitting even if all things are not smooth. You can easily through complicated patterns and more.

Rejoice is laser printed on our US 7 knitting needle sizes. This is the most popular used size by knitters. These needles are your tools to knit a sweater, a tight-knit blanket, hat, a scarf or anything you wish.

US 7 Fixed Circular knitting needle

Ponder over these words and enjoy knitting. We’ll be back with our next mindful word in the next blog.

Until then, happy mindful knitting!

stainless steel knitting needles