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Knitting with Circular Needles

Needles are two small-sized knitting needles connected by flexible cables. The knitting needle part is similar to regular ones, using the same kinds of materials and the same diameter sizes while it’s the cable between the ends that vary in length. 

When it comes to being mindful, the circular knitting needles are just the perfect tool. You can enjoy being in the moment and not worry about losing a needle or be bothered by the growing strain on your hands because of the weight of your project. Also, your knitting project is secure in the cables with very little chance of falling out through the needles. The Mindful Collection offers a range of fixed circular knitting needles. Manufactured from superior stainless steel for a smooth surface, the needles are the perfect tool for the craft. Each of the knitting needles carries inspirational words on its tips. These words give power to your crafting skills and enhance peace and pleasure in your knitting.

So, before you buy knitting needles, take a look at why circular knitting needles are useful!

The Best Mindful Fixed Circular Knitting Needles

The Best Mindful Fixed Circular Knitting Needles

  1. The cable on a circular needle holds most of the weight of the knitting project, so it rests in the center of your body between your hands. Basically, the weight of the entire project is in your lap where the cable is and not the needles that you are holding in your hands. You are less likely to be tired or strained by the extra weight.

    Whereas straight knitting needles make the weight of the project go to the capped ends. During knitting any project on straight needles, weight goes from the left needle to the right needle stressing out both hands. Straight needles knitting is tiring and also the cause of distress & injury. Also, if you get tired doing a few rows, you will be less likely to knit more at a time and be slow with the completion of a project.

  2. Fixed circular needles are permanently attached by a cable, so it’s very unlikely to lose a needle in the middle of the project anytime unless you lose the entire thing.

  3. Circular needles end up being packed in a small shape, unlike the straight needles that never fold. Circulars never poke anyone else by mistake as much as the straight knitting needles. 

  4. Other knitting tools, especially the double pointed needles tend to get stuck on other nearby things. The other pointy end snags things like your clothes or scarf or even the skein of yarn you’re using. Fixed circular needles do not have this hassle. The needle points are busy knitting and the other end is comfortably joined by a smooth cable.

  5. Circular needles allow both knitting flat or in the round which makes projects work up faster. You do not have to fetch different needles again and again. With circular needles, you can easily make cylindrical shapes for projects such as socks, hats, and more. You don’t need to assemble anything after knitting.

The Best Mindful Fixed Circular Knitting Needles

After the wonderful benefits, let’s take a look at the disadvantages. The only thing that comes to be a disadvantage is that their connection points make them weaker than a single solid needle. But this is expected as fixed circulars are made of more than one material and connected instead of a whole piece. Other than that, it's the perfect knitting tool. The disadvantage can be easily looked after with the perfect smooth circular needles.

You can choose our Mindful fixed circular knitting needles or go for our needle sets. The Explore Set from the Mindful Collection comprises fixed circular knitting needles and other accessories in 8 popular sizes in 10" circulars. These are perfect for socks and other small projects. Now for the Magic Loop, we have the Serenity Set from our Mindful Collection. This fixed circular needle set has 40" fixed circular needles contain sizes US1-8.

So are you ready for mindful knitting? Our Mindful Fixed Circular knitting needles are here for you. Choose the mindful path of knitting, browse through our blog.


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