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How to Knit a Scarf?

Chunky knit scarfs are wonderful. They are easy to make on any chunky knitting needles (normal sizes too work). Chunky-weight scarves are cozy for the necks and the extra-thick stitches are worthy of being a fashion statement. Another plus for starting your chunky scarf right away is that it makes for a fairly quick project. You don’t even need a pattern as you can easily plan your own design. If you are looking for a guide on how to knit a scarf on smooth stainless steel knitting needles, we will walk you through all the steps of how to successfully craft your project.

What yarn to choose for your scarf?

For a chunky scarf project, it is recommended to choose yarns made from a mixture of wool and acrylic fiber that is perfectly machine-washable whenever it needs a refresh.

If you have to buy new yarn, 20 yards per skein should make for a fine outcome. For a small-size scarf, you should consider knitting a project of at least 40 inches, whereas a larger scarf will well reach 80 inch-proportions. The width is consistent with the choice of 6 inches for lean scarves and a wide one being almost 10 inches.

Of course, you can also craft your bulky scarf from scrap yarn. To get the desired thickness, you can double up the yarn or use multiple threads. Whenever any of your yarn runs out, replace it with another one adding cute color effects.

Yarn for Scarf Knitting

What kind of knitting needles do I need for a chunky scarf?

Chunky weight yarn is on the heavier side, therefore it’s best if you use circular knitting needles. You can take a look at our guide on knitting flat with circular needles. The knitting needle size will be mentioned on the yarn label. Our bigger needle sizes (US 11- US 17) are strong enough to make you confidently maneuver through all your stitches but still feel light in your hands. The knitting cord connecting the needle tips ensures that the weight of your project will rest safely in your lap and not put any strain on your hands and wrists. The smooth stainless steel knitting needles allow stitches to flow. With time you would enjoy the click-clack music of the needles. Also, an inspiring word imprinted on the needle tip will help you focus on the meditative aspects of knitting.

Scarf Knitting

What Stitches do I have to know?

To craft your first knit scarf, it is enough to just know how to cast on and make a plain knit stitch. With all rows of knit stitches, you would make what is called a garter stitch pattern. Although you use circular needles, your project is knitted flat, i.e. in rows. It means that all your knit stitches will appear as purl stitches on the other side, and vice versa. The garter stitch makes for a reversible pattern and is just perfect for a scarf. 

If you can knit and purl (too, or as well), a whole universe of possible stitch combinations and patterns will open up to you. Have a look at our blog post on how to master the basic knit stitches here. Why not try an alternating of) knit and purl stitches and use textured stitches? You can browse our guide on knitting the moss stitch. It is a simple and reversible two-row repeat pattern and will give your item an eye-catching structure.

How to knit a really chunky scarf?

With any chunky needle and yarn, cast on 8-10 stitches. First knit six rows in garter stitch (all rows of knit stitches). Given the beauty and elegance of chunky knits, you can easily proceed with a garter pattern for the entire project. For your scarf, don’t worry about the gauge as the project is pretty forgiving of mistakes. If you want to know how much yarn you’ll need or want a sample of how your scarf should look, knit a gauge swatch.

Now your pattern starts. On the right side of your work, knit 3 stitches for the edge, knit one stitch (K1), and purl one stitch (P1), and repeat until reaching the last three stitches which are to be crafted in knit stitches.

On the wrong side of your item, knit the first three stitches. Then purl the first stitch and knit the next, thus alternating the pattern of the previous row. Repeat until reaching the last three stitches, and knit them again.

Finish with a six-row garter stitch edge.

Cut your yarn tail, leaving at least three inches to weave in with a darning needle.

You can add some fringes or even make some cute pom-poms on the edges. You can also these steps for a cowl or even a chunky hat to match the scarf.

How do you like your scarf? What would be your next project with your Mindful needles?

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