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Mindful Collection: The Power of Serene, Inspire, Balance and Awake in Knitting

The power of words is undeniable. Positive words have the power of change. In our previous blog, we discussed the power of inspirational words in our Mindful Collection. Mindful words encourage contemplation and improve people's well-being. The constant repetition or focus on the words brings about profound differences. That power of the word is one of the reasons that the Mindful Collection was developed. The special range of stainless steel knitting needles is a pure pleasure to work with. Even knitting accessories are designed on the theme of mindfulness with the theme of teal shades and mindful imagery with chakra stitch markers and more.

The knitting needles are special given the imprinted unique words – one per set of needles. Each word was thoughtfully chosen to help the knitter focus on the soothing motions of the craft. This week we turn our focus on the words – Serene, Inspire, Balance and Awake. We have covered all our needle sizes in our previous blogs and now we have the bigger needle sizes that work with bulky, super-bulky and jumbo-weight yarns. Though these knitting needles are not usually used by beginners or regular projects, having them in your collection is important. You never know when you would require these.

The mindful words are imprinted in our knitting needles of the Mindful Collection. Each size has a unique word be it the double points, fixed circulars or interchangeable circular needles. The words have been carefully selected for the knitter to focus on the meditative aspects of the craft.

Serene - 8.0mm (US 11) 

Interchangeable circular needles 8 mm

Serene is a feeling of bliss. Every knitter feels this when they have successfully completed a project. Oftentimes knitting becomes too complicated and you need to keep going through the word to keep going through the knitting. The focus on the word and the feeling help to enjoy the knitting and not get overwhelmed by any complexity of the pattern or your surroundings.

In our needles of the Mindful Collection, the word serene is imprinted on the US 11 sizes (8mm). This needle size works with chunky and heavy-weight yarn. They are ideal for a quick chunky knit, especially scarves or blankets. Even baskets and home décor can be easily knit with this size. Given the beauty of lace knitting, the needle size can be paired with worsted weight yarn and given a look of intricate lace.

Inspire - 9.0mm (US 13)   

Fixed Circular Needles 9mm

The word inspire is very powerful. For a knitter, it is the mantra to feel creative even when the pattern is too monotonous or you are just going through the motions of knitting just to complete the project. A quick glance at the word while knitting will motivate you to get creative.

The word inspire is imprinted on our US 13 needle sizes, 9mm in metric units. They are also the perfect tools for heavy-weight yarns. They make for quick knitting as in a few rounds or rows you create a large area of fabric.

Balance - 10.0mm (US 15)  

Interchangeable circular needles 10 mm

Balance is not just important in knitting but in every part of life. You need to equally deal with positive and negative. Make sure that things match and create an equilibrium. For a knitter, finding balance is very important. Be it an equilibrium with the yarn and needle or the stitches in the pattern, the craft is all about balance. Colors, shapes and designs are also based on balance.

Balance features on our US 15 needle sizes. Given the knitting needle size, the word is appropriate. Working with this knitting needle requires balance. The needles are big in your hands, and the yarn big too. You must focus on the balance between the two.

Awake - 12.0mm (US 17)  

Interchangeable circular needles 12mm

Awake is meaningful in many ways. It is not to arouse from sleep or rest but to become conscious or aware of something. Here in our mindful series, the meaning is more of a spiritual connection. Knitting is meditative. Knitting impacts a person’s well-being both physical and mentally. Health wise the constant movement of hands and eyes keeps you physically alert. Mentally it is soothing, prevents disease and so much more.

In our Mindful Collection, the word awake is imprinted on our US 17 (12mm) knitting needles. The biggest size in our range they are used for jumbo yarns. They are also perfect for quick knitting, a blanket or a scarf that gives warmth.

Ponder over these words and enjoy knitting. With this blog, we’ve covered all our mindful words on all the knitting needles sizes and the effect it has on knitters.

Happy mindful knitting!

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