I started my makers’ journey during a very turbulent time in my personal life. I had a young family, we had just moved across the country and were still adjusting to our son’s Autism diagnosis and our new normal.

Working with my hands provided a positive creative outlet and gave me an island of peace in a chaotic environment. Creating with yarn has been a source of joy and peace ever since.

I set a goal each year to learn 2 or more new skills. Last year I was successful at learning knitting. It took many starts and stops to successfully figure knitting out.

I had been given a pair of metal needles that I hated, and some inexpensive bamboo straight needles. I knew wood would be the way to go for me. I decided the best thing was to learn to knit on circulars and using the magic loop method as it was the technique I plan to use the most.

Color is very important to me in all aspects of life. I went looking for interchangeable circular wood needles that had personality and a good pop of color. When I found the KnittersPride Dreamz deluxe set, I couldn’t order it fast enough!

Using these tools gave me the boost I needed and I was able to start knitting very soon after I got them. They’re the only needles I use and I’m so in love with them. They’re so easy to work with.

This year trying to knit a sweater is the mountain I have chosen to try and conquer. I have a pattern, the yarn I’ve dyed for it and the best tools for the job.

Self-care starts with doing the things that bring you joy. Creating items of practical use that are also beautiful brings me a great deal of joy.

Sometimes I will knit something just so I can use a favorite colored needle, as the colors add a happy note to my day. I cast on and let the rhythm of the needles soothe me.

By Lynn Jiménez 


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