Frequently Asked Questions

The Mindful Collection

Frequently Asked Questions

Inspiration behind the Collection

The Mindful Collection is produced by the Knitter's Pride Company. It is a separate brand within the company's product line.

Knitting is all about mindfulness and indulging in a craft that gives comforts all the fiber-artists in so many different ways. The Mindful Collection is an attempt to bring all these aspects together on one platform and let everyone know about the wonders of our craft. In a way it is a sincere attempt to unravel the therapeutic benefits of knitting to the world and make them adopt the craft.

All the benefits of knitting as mentioned on the website and are drawn from experts' comments and the real life experiences of knitters. There have been many studies in the world on these benefits that have all proved that knitting is an art that 'heals'.

The teal color is used consistently to identify it as part of the collection and to differentiate it from other knitting supplies. The color is also known for its soothing effect.


The Mindful Collection knitting needles are made of premium grade Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel needles are impervious to wear. In addition, the finish on the Mindful Collection needles help the stitches glide more easily.

The Mindful Collection needles stand out due to their quality and the sincere intentions with which they were produced by our employees. The concept and the presentation of the collection are all testimony to the fact that no detail has been overlooked in our determination to bring the best knitting needles and tools to our respected customers.We are proud of our manufacturing staff whose aspirations for a good life and continued education for their children is made possible by their hard work.

This collection is titled "Lace Knitting Needles" because of their extremely fine points. Fine points allow for easier insertion of needles between stitches. This is especially helpful when knitting lace patterns. However, these fine points are suitable for all weight yarns.

Finely honed needle tips make it easier to insert the needle in between stitches. This is important when working with multiple stitches and fine yarns. This prevents knitting fine stitches together or having stitches drop off. Many people report that their knitting improves.

The inch markings on the needles help the knitter quickly measure the length of the work on the needles. This is helpful if there is no tape measure on hand or when on the road. To insure exact measurement all work should be double-checked with a ruler or measuring device.

By prepackaging the sets at time of production, we are able to realize economy of time and labor and we pass those savings on to our customers.

There are many reasons a needle set makes sense. Among these are:
1) Ease of organization and having all equipment in one place;
2) The needles are all produced for one set, which insures that your gauge is always consistent when knitting with that set.

Using Interchangeable Tips & Cords

The instructions that come with the cords explains this well. Make sure you use the included "key" to tighten the tips to the cord. If for any reason, they come loose, just re-insert the key and make sure to tighten securely.

End caps are used when you wish to remove the needle tips from one or both sides of the work on the connecting cord. They make sure your work does not fall off the cord and unravel.

All the cords work on all the different needle sizes. They are completely interchangeable.

This is a matter of preference. The swivel top allows for easy rotation of the work while it is on the needle. Some knitters are more used to a fixed, or non-rotating, cord so Knitter's Pride provided both.

It’s pretty easy to tell the difference. One rotates around and the other does not. It's also mentioned on the cord.

Bags & Accessories

The counter ring is meant to be worn on the finger as you work. You can adjust the number of the rows just completed by changing it manually as you complete the row.

Knit Blockers are a patented product of Knitter's Pride and speed up the blocking process in an ingenious way. These maintain even tension across the width of the pins, perfect for blocking straight edges, and come with anchor holes through which a string can be pulled & pinned to the required tension.


The entire packaging is made of eco-friendly materials like fabric & paper. There is no plastic used in packaging of any of the products. After all, we all have to be 'Mindful' towards our environment and our planet.

Eco friendly packaging has benefits on many levels. First and foremost is that it reduces the amount of waste that is disposed of in landfills. Eco friendly inks and dyes also eliminate toxic materials running into local water supply.

Replacement Policy

Return it to the store in which it was purchased along with a dated receipt/invoice. They will give you an immediate replacement. All our products are guaranteed for replacement within 3 years if there is a manufacturing fault.

In the case of needle sets, replacement will be provided for the affected needle and/or just the faulty part.

No replacement for damage is offered for needles subjected to undue stress such as severe pressure or being used as tools not related to needlework.

Knitters Pride does not support sales on Amazon, Etsy or eBay so the guarantee of replacement does not apply.

Knitter's Pride Social Ethos

Part of the sales are used to support our school for young children and teenage students. However, any woman who asks for a job with Knitter's Pride is given hiring opportunity on preferential basis and is trained on the job.

Please go to the "Our Roots" section on to read about our community of workers and see what is done to insure that they are treated with respect and not exploited. Knitter's Pride controls production of all aspects of our products and deals only with small business companies that are like-minded, if sourcing products.

Knitting & Music

Many knitters love music, and find that Music and knitting is a very good match. Some find that the soothing sounds of their favorite music deepens the meditative quality of their knitting time.

We have included access to Spotify, the free music service, on our Mindful Collection website. Click on the icon and you will be taken to a preselected list of soothing music. You can listen to these selections while gliding along on your latest project.


The Mindful Collection is available at your local knitting stores & online stores managed by small or mid-sized businesses. To check for one in your area or for online sellers, please consult the Store Locator section on